Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to pitch Faster and Harder then ever before!

Please check us out and enjoy your gained speed on that pitch!

  • You will dominate hitters!- Hitters will no longer anticipate your next fastball, they will fear it! This will make pitching a lot easier and way more fun.
  • You will become “The Ace”! – Your Coach wants his Ace to throw the hardest on the team and maybe even in the league. It makes him look good and it will win him games.
  • Scouts will start contacting you! – You will start seeing radar guns popping up at all of your games. Scouts will start communicating with you and getting to know you on a first name basis.
  • You will make the paper and go viral on the web! – They will call you the “Heater,” or the “Rocket” in the local paper and all over the net, in reference to your last performance.
  • The letter K will become your favorite letter! – When you are mowing hitters down you will be collecting K’s like it is going out of style. It will be so addicting that you will want to see how many K’s you can collect in one game.
  • Invites to play for Allstar teams and invitation only leagues! – Every team wants a flame thrower to show off with, especially the top leagues in the country.
  • You will become the leader of your team! – Your new intimidating fastball will lift your team up and they will make you the new team leader. It is more valuable than having a homerun hitter in the 4 hole slot.
  • You will get paid to pitch! – All Coaches in college and professional baseball are willing to pay lots of money for a hard thrower on the mound. College scholarship money of course and a professional contract!
  • You will get the girls! – What girl doesn’t want to date the team stud? The guy who intimidates hitters with his explosive fastball. You will become a chick magnet! WARNING: BEWARE OF CLEAT CHASERS!
  • You will always have the bragging rights! – No one is going to want to challenge you at the plate, and if they do, a screaming fastball on their hands will definitely shut them up.
  • You will play this game for a very long time! – Throwing hard is a ticket to play in any league at anytime in your life. Hard throwing pitchers are hard to find, so you will always be in demand as long as you can keep throwing the heat!
  • YOU WILL THROW HARDER THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE! – This is the honest truth! I can say this because it worked for me and it is working today for tons of pitchers like you.

Top ProspectFrom 72 to 88 MPH  flameball

“Daniel Pitfield signs with the Spring Hill College Badgers for the new season.”
Daniel will be a starter this season and is a valuable addition to the team.Coach Frank Sims SHC
Daniel Pitfield never stopped chasing his dream, even after being cut every year from his high school Baseball team. After he graduated from high school, Daniel Pitfield trained long and hard for one more chance at his dreams. He was selected to play with AIST at the Prague Baseball Week Tournament in Prague Czech Republic. He beat the Czech Republic National team to win the Prague Baseball Week. ESPN pick the Prague Baseball Week as #7 of the top 10 Ultimate Baseball Experiences in the World. Coach Franks Sims was the head coach and was so impressed by Daniel’s ability, that he signed him to an athletic scholarship to play for the Badgers the next season. Daniel is currently a freshman starter for the Badgers……